For the 1st round the 30 participants in each age category  will be split into 5 groups of 6 people each. You (participants) will vote for the 6 candidates from neighboring group, giving everyone from 1st to 6th place based on your opinion. In each group 3 candidates who got more scores will be getting to the second round.

On the second round the same process will happening between 15 semi-finalist with 5 person in each group. From each group 2 persons will be getting to the final round.

Now – when you become a finalist – show your talent only as a performer – for the Final round the honored jury members of our competition will choose the laureates among you and  award prizes. To know more about our rules and details – visit the website of our competition. 
Cash prizes will be transferred to each laureate using the bank details provided, along with a certificate of participation will be mailed to their registered address. 
Applications once submitted cannot be changed or edited after the specified deadline and competition closing deadline.

We wish you good luck and see you at “Musica Senza”.

From the Musica Senza Organizing Committee

  1. All mandatory fields of the online form should be filled out.
  2. The application fee is paid after the application is submitted. (2500 rubles for the category 15-17 years old, 3500 rubles for the category 18-20 years old and 4500 rubles for the category 21-24 years old.) You will receive an email with a link to the payment. (1$ = 75 Rubles approx.)
  3. The competition disciplines include piano and violin.
  4.  Videos must meet the standard sound and video requirements
  5. The video should clearly show the face and hands of the participant
  6. Participants must comply with announced deadlines. No exceptions will be made to extend deadlines. (1st round to be send before the September 18 of 2021 and for the rest – as you progress to the next round)
  7. No participants shall attempt to contact judges for the purpose of influencing competition results.
  8. Application fee is non-refundable.
  9. By submitting an application, the participant accepts the rules and regulations, terms of use and privacy policy of the competition.
  10. Applications once submitted cannot be changed or edited after the specified deadline and competition closing deadline. The youtube link of the 1st round shall be send before September 18th, 2021. The youtube link for the 2nd round shall be send after making it to the 2nd round (but before the round starts) Same rule apply for the 3rd round.
  11. Competition is fully online based on performance videos provided by participants. No live auditions, travel or other requirements are involved.
  12. The competition is open for applicants of all nationalities.
  13. Maximum 1 youtube link is allowed per round. (for the 3rd round could be 2 links, but the recording needs to be at the same place)
  14. Max. 30 candidates per age group under Violin and max. 30 participants per age group under Piano will be accepted.
  15. Remaining participants will stay first in the waiting list for the second edition. (By request we can consider the possibility of refund if you will not be able to participate in the competition due to lack of place)