Born in Russia, Xenia studied at State Institute of Culture and
Arts. Being a leader of viola section in Hispano-Rusa Orchestra , L’istesso Chamber Orchestra, and as orchestra soloist in Samara State Philharmonic – Xenia has a degree in international communication and solid background in successful projects as music coordinator.

“My whole professional career has been dedicated to the music and art industry – initially as a musician and also for the past four years as a manager of young and talented artists. During this time I have worked on multiple international projects.
Observation, inspiration, and determination are my foundation for success. My philosophy is that introducing fresh perspectives and new techniques allow arts industry to evolve and grow!”

Nikolai has been highlighted as a promising violinist since the tender age of 6 into a musical household where his grandparents and parents are accomplished professional musicians, his gift with the violin was nurtured, and he has blazed success in his musical mastery.
His talents do not end at his virtuosity on the violin, his musical insight and knowledge are further acknowledged by the major arts and cultural institutions, inviting him to conduct guest lectures and master classes in significant music festivals.
Having studied in Moscow and Paris – Nikolai worked in Venezuela and the UAE with an educational mission to enlighten people to the classical music.
Ultimately, Nikolai is the consummate charismatic artiste. His inherent urge to share his music takes him all over the world to perform and teach. In his words:

“It is important to ‘surprise’ the listeners when I play, when there is a dose of unexpectedness and anticipation in the ‘story of the music’, when the listener starts to sit upright, arresting focus to be led by the music, beyond the immediate sensesin such moments, the player, listener, notes and the space, become one. And my playing is privileged to will this exhilarating trance!’