About the competition

Welcome to the first edition of  “Musica Senza” competition where each participant has a unique opportunity to be a juror! 

Musica Senza is an annual 100% online violin and piano competition, organized by Nikolai Managazze and Xenia Baknina to encourage young musicians to showcase their talents. It is one of a kind because the participants have a chance to vote and feel themselves as a jury. It has a two-level judging process, where the participant is first voted for by his or her own peers and the most voted for participants will reach a second phase of judging by a panel of 4 judges. After jury votes, the winner for each category will be announced. 

The 30 participants in each category  will be split into 5 groups of 6 people each. You will vote for the 6 candidates from neighboring group. In each group 3 candidates who got more scores will be getting to the second round. So in the second  round the same process will happening between 15 semi-finalist with 5 person in each group. From each group 2 persons will be getting to the final round.Now – when you become a finalist – just relax and perform your best as for the Final round the honored jury members of our competition will choose the winners among you and  award prizes.To know more about our rules and details – visit the website of our competition. 

In order to avoid biased assessments or attempts to collusion with other participants, the votes will be moderated by the chairman of the jury. The chairman of the jury has the right to submit for consideration the results of one or several participants, after which the participant can be asked to substantiate his choice by adding a comment to his voting list.

From the Musica Senza Organizing Committee